Clinician's Participating in Online Therapy

- Dr. Lynne Lyons:

Dr. Lyons believes that thoughtfully selected medication coupled with psychotherapy is the fastest and most effective way to provide relief and a return to function. The long term focus is then on maintaining and recovery and preventing relapse.

- Terrie Browning, LPC:

Terrie Browning uses goal-oriented therapy to promote change that improves relationships. She has extensive experience working with adults, couples, adolescents and families, and acts as a liaison to schools, Friend of the Court, Probation and provides court mandated counseling.

- Susan Deutsch, MSW:

Susan Deutsch is a psychotherapist who works with adults of all ages, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. Her areas of specialty include depression, anxiety/stress management, marital and divorce counseling, relationship and life transition issues.

- Lisa Elrom, Ph.D:

Dr. Lisa Elrom has experience treating children and adults with conditions including OCD/anxiety disorders, PTSD, and chronic panic. Her practical yet holisitc approach utilizes DBT, CBT, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction as well as the standard therapies.

- Ted Faris, LPC:

Ted Faris believes that "You are not the problem... the symptoms are," and together with the client, he strategizes many different ways to get rid of the self-defeating symptoms. He specializes in anxiety, mood issues, pain and utilizes CBTI to treat insomnia.

- Anetia Isbell, LPC:

Anetia Isbell has extensive training and experience providing individual and family for a variety of conditions including severe/persistent mental health, boderline personality, depression, axniety, addition, partners of sex addicts and interpersonal skill deficiencies.

- Linda Sherman, MSW:

Linda Sherman uses an interactive approach with a cognitive behavioral and solution-based focus to promote self growth and change. She has years of experience focusing on marriage, blended family, child custody, domestic abuse, and empowerment issues. Linda has experience and very good outcomes with the LGBT community and hope to continue to service this community.